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9th On CPAC!

Hello Miners!

Well, we finally done it. Only 2 weeks in, and we’ve already gotten 9th on the CPAC Top 10. I am so proud of all of us who made the events to get us where we are. We might have an unscheduled event later on today so stay on chat.

~Bad, Miners Leader/Legend

Chat/Site Hacked

Chat and site for Miners has been hacked. Please wait patiently until we can get them back. Do not worry.

Top 10 Pictures

Hello Miners,

Well, another great week comes to an end, and I think maxing 20+ 3 times with 16+ 2 times should get us into the 9 or 10 spot on CPAC. So if you are doing top 10 for CPAC, read on. Continue reading

SMAC Tourney Round 1 Results

UPDATE 2:35 PM EST: SMAC apparently changed the times of the battle when on Monday they were clearly 2:00 EST. We have more important things to worry about then a stupid tournament anyways.

Hello Miners,

Well, today was our round 1 battle against UPA, and WE WON! We maxed 16+, and only averaged 11+ because of the extreme lag. Other then the size, our tactics were AMAZING. Great job today Miners! You can read on to see pictures. Continue reading

Coup Of Max // Retirement Of Stromae

Hello Miners,

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SMAC Champions Cup Round 1

SMAC Champions CUP Round 1 vs. United Penguin Army [IMPORTANT]






2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

11:00 PM PST

7:00 PM UK

Goal= 25+

~Eazy E, Miners Leader

Recruiting Results

Hello Miners,

Well today we were suppose to have training, but some of our troops and leaders were having xat difficulties and problems. So we had about 15 on chat and we logged on for a recruiting. Read on for pictures. Continue reading

Recruiting Results

Hey Miners!

Today we had another recruiting session, and we once again did great! We maxed 23+ with rouges and 19+ without them. Our tactics could use some improvement, but overall, the last few days I’ve been very impressed with the great effort and size at events. Keep up the great work Miners, and you can read on for pictures.

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Recruiting Results

Hey Miners!

Today, we logged on for about 15 minutes for a recruiting session and we did amazing! We maxed around 27+ with rouges, and 20+ without them. Thank you to Tondra for taking pictures, and you can read on to see them. Continue reading